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Top 10 Ways to Avoid an Arrest

Being arrested is never pleasant. Beyond the inconvenience of the situation, it often leads to fines, jail time, and other unpleasant consequences. More importantly, your future and your reputation ...
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10 Things You Should Know for a DUI Stop

Being convicted for driving under the influence ( DUI ) can be very serious and result in possible jail time and fees. Knowing how to proceed if you are stopped for potential DUI can save you ...
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Criminal Defense Do's and Don'ts

Being accused of a crime can bring an onslaught of challenges and obstacles. If you have been charged with a crime, here are some helpful tips to use. Make sure to DO the following: Don't give ...
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Can You Beat a DWI Charge?

Have you recently been pulled over on suspicion of drunk driving? When a police officer pulls someone over for alleged drunk driving there is a standard protocol that must be followed. If you have ...
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