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We are not your run-of-the-mill criminal defense law firm. In fact, one of our founding attorneys is a law professor, and the other is the Mayor of one of our local communities. We are well-connected and respected throughout the court system in our area.

Why Choose These Drug Crime Attorneys?

At Prime & O'Brien, LLP, the following is true of both of our lawyers:

  • 20+ years of collective legal experience

  • Former prosecutors in Nassau County

  • 100s of skillfully defended clients—and the victories to prove it

  • Free initial case review to go over your defense options

We are ready to evaluate your case and advise you as to your best options. Every case is different, and no attorney can promise results. One thing we can promise, however, is that we will fight for you at every turn. You have rights and we will not allow you to be railroaded by a legal system that is geared to convict drug offenders.

We can fight to have your charges reduced or dismissed. Learn more by requesting a free case evaluation!

Trial-Tested Defense in 100s of Cases

Searching for an attorney for a drug crime case in Long Island? Are you facing charges for possession, cultivation, distribution or manufacturing? You are in serious legal trouble. The penalties that could be imposed upon you, should you lose at trial or plead guilty, are extremely harsh in the State of New York. The charges will be filed based on the type of drug alleged to have been found in your possession, and the amount of the substance, as well as other factors.

We have a reputation for our excellent defense work. We are trial lawyers that have over 20 years of experience, and we have many case victories to show for our hard work and dedication.

The location (whether near a school, park or other location in which children could be present), your criminal record, and whether state or international boundaries were crossed in the alleged crime all could impact the level of the charge filed against you, and whether it will be filed in state or federal court.

Defense Attorney for Possession, Cultivation, Distribution and Manufacturing Charges

Drug Crimes

Were you the victim of an illegal search and seizure? Were you in the wrong place at the wrong time? We need to hear your side of the story. The quality of your Long Island criminal defense lawyer really does matter. Call us – we want to talk to you and understand your case. Our goal is to help you to avoid the consequences of a conviction through making the right defense moves, and the earlier we get involved the better it could be for you.

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