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Drug Manufacturing

If you are facing charges related to the manufacture of an illegal drug, most commonly methamphetamines, your freedom will be lost if you are convicted. There is a great deal of focus on identifying, arresting, convicting and incarcerating those who are involved in manufacturing methamphetamines.

What to Expect with a Drug Manufacturing Charge

The penalties can include up to 35 years in state prison in some cases. The risks are so high that it is very important that you have a highly qualified, experienced and aggressive Long Island criminal defense attorney representing you – now.

At Prime & O'Brien, LLP, we have more than 20 years of experience at trial. We urge you to read some of our recent victories so you see what we are capable of. It is imperative that you have a quality criminal defense lawyer protecting you at every point in the process. Your future could depend upon it.

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Evidence Gathered Against You

The evidence in your case and how it was gathered can have a significant bearing on your case. In order to search a location, there must be probable cause. A full review of every detail of the evidence and the evidence collection methods used by the police should be undertaken immediately. If there was any failure to follow the correct procedure, it may be possible to have certain, or all, of the evidence suppressed. There are many factors in a drug manufacturing case, all of which could allow for effective defense actions to be taken.

Fighting for Your Freedom & Future

Take advantage of our free initial consultation before you make any decisions or discuss your case with anyone. Your arrest likely is the result of an investigation that took place over several weeks or months, if not longer. What you say, how you act, and what you do from this point forward is extremely important. Exercise your right to remain silent and contact our firm.

The evidence supporting the prosecutor's case could include lab equipment, chemicals, money, weighing equipment and other materials that lead to the belief that the manufacturing of meth has been taking place. You may be innocent of the charges, or you may have merely been at the location when the arrests took place. Whatever your situation, you need a Long Island drug crime lawyer that is on your side and ready to fight for you.

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