Prescription Drug Abuse in Long Island

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Prescription Drug Abuse

With prescription drugs being used with greater and greater frequency, it's not surprising that the abuse of these medications has also increased. These powerful drugs are used to kill pain, as well as in an attempt to reduce mental health problems.

The addictive nature of many of these drugs can lead to people breaking the law in order to get their hands on them or make them available to others. Some of the more common crimes connected with prescription drug abuse are:

At the premier criminal defense firm of Prime & O'Brien, LLP, our Long Island criminal lawyers are experienced in defending individuals who have found themselves on the wrong side of the law due to the abuse of prescription drugs, including medical professionals who are accused of any wrongdoing.

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Police, prosecutors, and judges are not very sympathetic when it comes to drug crimes. In some cases, a person is compelled by their addiction to "doctor shop" in order to continue to get the prescription drugs they need. At other times, medical personnel have been known to unlawfully prescribe drugs to people. If you are a consumer caught abusing prescription drugs or the person accused of prescription drug sales, you need a qualified lawyer to help you.

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At our firm, we know the law inside and out regarding drug crimes. With over 20 years' experience, we understand how the justice system works. We know how to challenge evidence, which could result in your case being dismissed. Or it's possible you could qualify for a drug rehabilitation program rather than serving a jail or prison sentence. Don't let your future be derailed with charges of prescription drug abuse.

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