Long Island Juvenile Crime Lawyer

Fighting for Your Child's Future

Even though juvenile crimes are generally punished less harshly by the courts than the same crimes committed by an adult, it is a very frightening experience when your child is arrested. If your child is charged with a crime, you may be at a loss as to where to turn. Searching for a lawyer for a juvenile charge in Long Island, NY?

At the criminal defense firm of Prime & O'Brien, LLP, their legal team can help you and your child if criminal charges have been filed. Their lawyers have helped many individuals in this situation, opening the door to reduced penalties, dismissed charges or an acquittal at trial.

Has your child been charged with a juvenile crime? The firm can help protect them from a criminal conviction. Consult with their attorneys today to request a free consultation.

Representation for All Types of Juvenile Crimes

Most people think of shoplifting, vandalism, and other similar offenses when they think of crimes committed by children under 18. Factually, a juvenile can commit almost any crime that an adult can, including:

Depending on the severity of the crime, a juvenile can be prosecuted in adult court, facing the same penalties as another offender who is over the age of 18. One of the advantages of being prosecuted in juvenile court is that the offender's records are sealed; past transgressions cannot be pulled up if the person later, as an adult, is charged with other crimes. Keeping the case in juvenile court is an important factor that must be addressed carefully, by an experienced Long Island criminal defense attorney.

Criminal Defense Attorney Representing Juveniles

The firm's Long Island criminal defense lawyers have extensive experience helping juveniles and their families negotiate the justice system. It starts with a good investigation of the facts and challenging any errors or procedures by law enforcement. This alone could result in a dismissal of charges. Dennis O'Brien and Geoffrey Prime, founding members of the firm, take pride in their caring representation of their young clients as well as their aggressive approach in defending each young person.

Every incident is unique, and they have many years of successful defense strategies resulting in favorable outcomes for those accused. Looking for an attorney for your juvenile crime case in Nassau County, NY? Contact Prime & O'Brien, LLP today.

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