Long Island Probation Violation Lawyer

Effectively Handling an Arrest for a Probation Violation

Probation Violation

Probation can be a requirement after a sentence has been served, or as the main condition as an alternative to jail or prison. It lays out the regulations and conditions that must be adhered to by a convicted offender. It should not be taken lightly; the courts can be extremely harsh if the conditions are violated.

If you have been arrested for violations of your probation, you need an effective criminal defense attorney to help you. The Long Island criminal defense lawyers at Prime & O'Brien, LLP are knowledgeable and aggressive when it comes to defending the rights and freedoms of those accused of violating probation.

Rules to Follow While on Probation

A list of common regulations you could be expected to follow during probation can include:

  • Not possessing a weapon or firearm
  • Maintaining employment
  • Obeying a curfew
  • Living at a specified residence
  • Staying within your court-ordered jurisdiction
  • Not using alcohol or drugs
  • Submitting to alcohol or drug tests upon request
  • Community service
  • Wearing an electronic tag to monitor your location
  • Participation in alcohol/drug treatment programs

Working with Prime & O'Brien, LLP

Need an attorney for your probation violation case in Long Island, NY? If you have been assigned probation, you don't want to destroy your road to a brighter future by stepping outside the boundaries of your probation. If you do, you could be facing more jail time and additional community service and counseling. All of these will slow down or seriously block your progress toward being a free member of this society.

Ensuring you have quality legal representation is your best assurance. You need a legal team that knows how to maximize your chances of resolving your situation in the best way possible for you. Your future is at stake. When you contact their office, the attorneys will evaluate your case for free and show you how they can help.

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