Long Island Hit & Run Defense Attorney

Fighting Accusations of Leaving the Scene in Nassau County?

Hit and run is a serious traffic offense in New York, and to overcome this charge requires a vigorous defense. Hit and run can occur between two or more vehicles, between a vehicle and a stationary object or when a vehicle hits a pedestrian or bicyclist. The Long Island criminal lawyers at Prime & O'Brien, LLP have defended hundreds of people charged with traffic offenses over the past 20 years.

Hit and run is not uncommon when a driver experiences a moment of panic. The stress of a collision could cloud your ability to make the best decisions. Contact us immediately if you have been involved in a hit and run accident. Don't try to handle this without a Long Island traffic ticket lawyer on your side.

Aggressive Defense Against Hit & Run Charges

Founding attorneys Geoffrey Prime and Dennis O'Brien are very experienced in defending the rights of those charged with criminal offenses. State law requires that any person who is involved in an accident remain at the scene in order to exchange insurance information, render aid if necessary and provide contact information.

As former prosecutors in Nassau County, we are intimately acquainted with the many circumstances that might prevent a person from complying with the law. Did you knowingly leave the scene of an accident? Perhaps you didn't consider that you were part of the accident. How can you prove you did not hit that parked car? It comes down to proper identification in many cases. Quite often there are misidentification issues in these cases which could be successfully challenged in court.

Schedule Your Complimentary Case Evaluation to Fight Your Charges

Accumulating points on a driver's license will impact your insurance premiums and possibly your ability to work if you drive commercially. Hit and run charges can be serious, particularly if there is any alcohol involved or any person was injured or killed. Take advantage of our free case evaluation to begin discussing the charges against you.

Once we have the particulars of your case, we will give you an honest evaluation of what to expect and how we plan to address the charges against you, and what option are open in your defense case. We look forward to meeting you. You will need an aggressive and experienced attorney to handle your case. Contact us at Prime & O'Brien, LLP today to get started on your case!

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