Long Island Weapons Offense Lawyer

Have you been charged with illegal possession of a weapon?

Weapons Offenses

New York has some of the toughest weapons laws in the country, particularly concerning firearms. Law enforcement is determined to get illegal weapons off the streets, and to this end they are aggressive when dealing with suspected weapons offenders.

If you are fighting weapons charges in New York, the firm strongly advises that you retain their lead Long Island criminal defense lawyers. There are many legal complexities concerning the illegal possession of weapons.

Searching for a lawyer for a weapon offense charge?

Prime & O'Brien, LLP has the advantage of formerly working as Assistant District Attorneys for Nassau County. They use all of the knowledge they gained serving in that capacity to help their clients to have a powerful defense to weapons charges.

The trial lawyers can fight to clear your name. Get started on your case now by filling out an online case evaluation form.

Weapons Offense Penalties in New York

Being convicted of criminal possession of a weapon can result in jail time of up to 15 years or more if there are other circumstances which compound the offense. For example, if you bring a weapon into a public place, the charges are much more severe than charges simply for having an unregistered gun in your home. Misdemeanor charges of illegal possession of certain types of knives or brass knuckles will not usually result in jail time, but they are not minor offenses.

Proving a Weapons Offense Case

Many people don't know that they are in violation of the law until charges are filed. Being in possession of a weapon does not require you to have it on your person. If you have exclusive access to a gun in your car or in your home, you can be charged with illegal possession.

Aggressive Long Island Criminal Defense Lawyers

The defense to these charges can be difficult, which is why they aggressively challenge every aspect of the arrest, search and seizure, witness statements and any police interviews you may have participated in. The firm has the trial experience and the respect of the courts.

Contact Prime & O'Brien, LLP today to discuss your case. The first consultation is free and when they've had a chance to review the facts in your case, they will provide you with our honest, experienced opinion concerning your defense case. Their team knows what to do – call now at (516) 670-5992.

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