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The explosive growth of the internet has been a contributing factor to the increase in white collar crimes. White collar crime is a non-violent crime committed in a commercial environment for financial gain.

Types of White Collar Crime Offenses

The founding Long Island criminal defense attorneys at Prime & O'Brien, LLP know how complex the world of white collar crime can be, and how easy it is to be falsely accused of fraud when a business deal goes bad.

With more than 20 years of combined legal experienced, their attorneys have been defending honest people charged with a variety of white collar crimes such as:

Are you under investigation for a white-collar crime? The firm can help you protect your career and reputation. Consult with their trial lawyers at Prime & O'Brien, LLP to have your case reviewed for free.

White Collar Crime Charges: State or Federal

White collar crime is committed by professionals working in financial markets and by other business or government employees in the course of their work. This class of crime is not new; the Constitution has provisions allowing the federal government to regulate financial misconduct and fraud. Many cases are filed in federal court, and the consequences of a federal conviction are extremely serious, often including years in a federal penitentiary as well as restitution and the complete destruction of your professional life.

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Being charged with a white collar crime is devastating far as your professional reputation is concerned. If convicted you may be prohibited from practicing your profession. Until the case is resolved, there will be an atmosphere of distrust generated by the charges being filed against you. For this reason, it is essential to launch a powerful defense immediately, including ensuring you have defense counsel if you believe you may be under investigation.

Due to the complexity of these types of cases, the process can encompass years. The firm strives to have charges dismissed in the early stages so that you can get your life back. Should they have to take your case to trial, they pride themselves on having impeccable expert witnesses and other respected professionals that could be called upon to testify and support the case for your defense. Call today for more information.

Criminal Defense Lawyers in Nassau County

Searching for a lawyer for a white-collar crime case in Long Island, NY? At Prime & O'Brien, LLP you will not only have the benefit of our years of experience defending clients in a variety of white-collar crime cases, you have a team of legal professionals who can research the minute details that are often necessary to support your case. Call the firm as soon as possible for a free initial consultation. White collar crime requires decisive action, and they are prepared to act immediately for your defense.

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