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Credit Card Fraud

Billions of dollars are stolen every year through credit card fraud and law enforcement is aggressively seeking out any person involved in this criminal activity. Although the crime does not involve violence, any crime related to the banking industry is extremely dangerous legally. Credit card fraud may involve charges of identity theft, so there are usually two issues to be dealt with in defending credit card fraud charges.

A good defense requires thorough knowledge of the financial system and Prime & O'Brien, LLP is fortunate to have a law professor as one of the founding attorneys. Attorney Dennis O'Brien teaches international law at St. John's University.

It is vital to have such knowledge in defending credit card fraud cases, as most of these crimes are filed in federal court. Speak with a Long Island criminal defense lawyer from the firm today if you are under investigation for credit card fraud.

Long Island Credit Card Fraud Attorney

This area of the law is complex as it involves theft of a monetary nature as well as identity theft. Once state or international borders are crossed, the FBI is involved. The FBI will not be involved in the case is contained in New York and the dollar amount of alleged fraud is under $2000.00. Whether you are facing charges filed in state or federal court, their firm is admitted to practice, and should get involved early in the process.

There are different ways a credit card could be hijacked. Physically, it can be stolen and used to make purchases or obtain cash. If the information is taken from a card reader, it is harder to prove who actually stole the information. In the case of restaurants, where the card is taken away while the bill is being prepared, it is easy to gain information. The problem is that often the responsible person is difficult to identify and charges can be brought against the wrong person.

Aggressive & Powerful Defense

No matter what your circumstances are, credit card fraud is an offense that needs an immediate and powerful defense strategy. The initial interview is free so you have nothing to lose by seeking our help. The firm will be happy to give you a realistic view of what to expect, given your unique situation. They have defended many people in all types of fraud cases and are proud of our record. Their team looks forward to helping you.

The firm can assist you with this. Call today so that they can arrange a free initial consultation.

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