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Welfare fraud is rampant in some areas of New York and law enforcement is cracking down on this misuse of government funds. The administration and distribution of these benefits has a host of rules and regulations. The Long Island criminal defense attorneys at Prime & O'Brien, LLP have a team of legal professionals who constantly research changes in these regulations to assist our clients in defending welfare charges.

Charges of welfare fraud can happen for any number of reasons. Some people move frequently and are accused of fraud because of issues with their resident address. Also, if your benefits are calculated on the basis of household occupants and that number changes, you could be charged for failing to notify the government of this change. These are just a sample of how a person could be accused of welfare fraud.

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Welfare benefits are calculated on household income. If you become employed and don't notify the government of the fact of your employment, you could be guilty of welfare fraud. We understand that often a job is temporary and that you may be afraid to lose your safety net while determining if the job will be permanent. There are mitigating circumstances that can be argued at court to show you had no ill intent. Often a change in the rules is not made clear to those receiving welfare and this fact can result in violations of the rules regulating disbursement of funds.

Financial concerns can cause great stress and while welfare benefits provide a minimum of food, clothing and shelter for those in need, it does not alleviate the stress of constantly worrying about money. This stress can cause an error in judgment, and if this is your story, let the skilled team at Prime & O'Brien, LLP help you state your case to the court and to seek a relief from the fear of conviction on this very serious offense.

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