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Driving While Intoxicated - Alcoholic Drink & Keys

Many people simply plead guilty after being arrested and charged with DUI. They make no effort to find out if the charges could be successfully defended, and lose the opportunity to do so the moment they plead guilty. Others take a proactive approach and contact a Long Island DUI attorney to take action.

At our firm, Prime & O'Brien, LLP, we focus on the rights of our clients, and every case we take is given the full attention of the lawyer. You have the right to an attorney. Make sure you choose experienced and aggressive counsel if you are hoping to avoid conviction.

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A lawyer with extensive trial experience should be managing every detail of your defense. At our firm, we not only serve as defense counsel in DUI charges and many other criminal cases, one of our founding attorneys is a professor of law. We have an uncommon degree of insight and knowledge related to crafting an effective defense case for DUI offenses.

Evaluating the Evidence: Step One in Your Defense Case

A full review of the evidence is the initial defense action that must be undertaken. We want to discuss exactly what happened with you. We need to evaluate the facts in police reports, breath and blood test results, and every detail of the arrest procedure. There are many points at which a game-changing error could have taken place, the first of which is the initial police stop.

You are protected against racial profiling, or being stopped without reason. If you were not operating your vehicle in an unsafe manner or violating the law, law enforcement cannot stop you, with one exception being roadside sobriety checkpoints, but even these must be operated correctly. There are cases in which the police have conflicting reports about why you were pulled over. The careful and strategic cross-examination of law enforcement can be extremely effective in a DUI defense.

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All matters related to testing must be analyzed. The unit used in your case could have a history of faulty readings, may not have been correctly maintained or calibrated, or there could be another significant error. Blood testing is not completely free from error. Swabbing the arm with alcohol could impact the level of alcohol found in the blood. When plasma is tested, the alcohol is more concentrated, leading to a faulty reading. Every detail is reviewed. Many DUI cases can be successfully defended or could be dismissed. You owe it to yourself to find out what can be done in your individual case.

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