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Criminal Defense Lawyer in Long Island

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Need a criminal lawyer in Long Island? People are arrested for crimes every day from minor misdemeanors like shoplifting to serious felonies and violent crimes. Unfortunately, nothing can really prepare you for an arrest and the impending consequences that are now looming over you.

Why Choose Our Criminal Defense Attorneys?

  • 30+ years' shared legal experience between the two lawyers
  • Both were former prosecutors for Nassau County
  • History of proven defense victories
  • Free initial consultation to discuss your case with a trusted attorney

At Prime & O'Brien, LLP, they defend against a range of criminal charges and serve as defense counsel in both the state and federal court systems. The firm is proud to have prevailed at many difficult criminal trials. They invite you to find out more about the firm by reading the section related to your specific case.

Charged with a crime in Long Island? Do not hesitate to contact the firm as soon as possible to begin building an impenetrable defense. Request your free initial case evaluation today!

Level the Playing Field with Help from a Criminal Attorney

The criminal defense lawyers at our firm have extensive trial and courtroom experience. They have sat on both sides of the bench, and they know exactly what you have to go up against. Since they have been in the prosecutor's chair, their knowledge and skills set them apart from other defense attorneys.

Contact the firm for aggressive defense if you have been accused of a criminal offense, such as:

Frequently Asked Questions - Criminal Defense

  • 1 - Is a criminal defense lawyer expensive?
  • 2 - How do I choose the best criminal defense lawyer?
  • 3 - What if I am innocent?
  • 4 - Should I just plead guilty?
1. Is a criminal defense lawyer expensive?
Each case will require a specific level of service. Some cases are quickly resolved and do not require many court appearances. In many cases, achieving a victory in court, or getting a case dismissed may cost less in the long term than the fines that you would be forced to pay if you were convicted, as well as the loss of income from work, restitution, and in DWI charges, increased insurance rates and other hidden costs. Facing the prospect of incarceration, you should ask yourself, "How much is your freedom worth to you?"
2. How do I choose the best Long Island criminal defense lawyer?
There are certain facts that you can check about the law firm you are considering contacting. If you have the opportunity, check the firm's victories to see what type of results they have been getting. Read the firm overview and the attorney profiles. That will give you the information about the experience, education, and history of that lawyer. It is also important that you call and meet with the firm. You want to feel comfortable with your lawyer, and be fully confident that everything legally possible will be done to help you. Our lawyers here have 30 years in criminal defense and are highly committed to our clients.
3. What if I am innocent?
There are countless people serving time that were not guilty. How does this happen? Usually, it begins with the accused failing to have an attorney early in the process. Answering questions from law enforcement is dangerous. They are allowed to lie to you to get you to admit to a crime. Many false confessions have been made under extreme duress. A criminal defense lawyer that doesn't like to go to trial may urge a client to accept a plea deal as it is "safer." These issues are a real concern for those of us that know the importance of being exonerated when innocent. If you work with Prime & O'Brien, LLP, you will work with trial lawyers who realize that if you are innocent, you should not have to pay the price.
4. Should I just plead guilty?
If you plead guilty, it is game over. If you plead not guilty, you have the option to change your plea later, whereas with a guilty plea, you don't. It is advised that you get help from an attorney before you make a decision. These are important matters and you need to know the ramifications of a guilty plea. It can be valuable to have negotiations take place to help you seek to avoid maximum penalties, or pursue a lesser charge. Get a legal professional on your side.

Our Long Island criminal lawyers have over 30 years of experience and have gathered together some of the common questions people have after being charged with a crime. If you have specific questions about what to do in your case, they offer a free consultation to assist you. Our team has a great deal of experience and knowledge of criminal trial law, case preparation, and defense case presentation. Contact Prime & O'Brien, LLP today with any further questions.

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Looking for a criminal defense attorney in Long Island? If you have been charged with any of the crimes listed above, don't hesitate to contact the firm and schedule a free case review. We proudly take on cases all throughout Long Beach, Glen Cove, and Nassau County.

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